Having placed thousands of candidates in my career, I long ago came to the realisation that there needs to be just as much emphasis placed on providing a quality service to candidates as there is to providing it to recruiting organisations. I established QTS with this fact firmly at the forefront of my thinking and this has led to me instilling this principle as one of the key values that govern QTS’s approach to educational recruitment.

Each member of staff at QTS will therefore always prioritise time to answer your queries and discuss your needs and concerns, as well as to provide regular updates relating to positions that are available and that candidates have been put forward for. It is imperative to us that candidates do not feel left out, or that there is anything lacking in terms of contact between them and their allocated consultant.  

At QTS we believe that there is always more to learn about each other and this leads to more effective placements.  The learning only comes from regular conversation and contact.

Teachers have one of the toughest jobs out there and we believe that respect and appreciation should go hand in hand when dealing with our candidates.

QTS relies on the staff we supply to promote our service and testify to others that our business brings something new to the current educational recruitment market place at present by never avoiding calls & dismissing problems. We aim to work with those that are legitimately trying to progress with their career and aiming to accommodate people who are looking for a specific role, whether this be part time, full time and sector or role related.  

Each candidate is different and will be looking for a particular and bespoke service. We always aim to find every candidate as good a match with their skill set and role preferences as is practically possible. We will from time to time offer alternatives and this may even involve a change in sector but as professional consultants we will always tell you as much as we know about the role and then leave  you decide if it might be suitable without undue pressure from us.

Location is one of the most important elements relating to a post for most teachers. Unfortunately, we often see teachers being forced to travel to work tens of miles from their homes and the fact is that no one wants to get up at 5am every day or to commute for another 1-2 hours home after a hard days teaching. Therefore we always look at locality and filter the roles for candidates accordingly.
Remuneration / Pay

We completely empathise with our candidates regarding pay rates and always endeavour to pay them as close to asking salary as possible. This is sometimes restricted by the recruiting organisation and its budget, we will work with our candidates to achieve the best possible compromise when offering bookings.

AWR has been enforced for some time now and we always ensure that recruiters understand that to conform with legal requirements they may in certain circumstances need to uplift a pay rate to bring the candidates pay to scale.

Finally we will always compete with the market to offer the correct salary for each individual.
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